Friday, June 3, 2016

Looking Back at May

Oh boy, May.  We were gone, a lot.  Spent 10 of the 31 nights not in our own beds (that would be 2 on the Amtrak, 3 in New York, 2 in Holland, and 3 at the lake, posts for most of those coming in June, hopefully)It was a busy, busy month.  I'm not complaining, we got to do a lot of fun stuff, but it did make it difficult to get some things done around the house!  Looking forward to maybe, maybe, more time at home in June. 

1) Luke was very proud of this Duplo truck.  It stayed out for multiple days!
2) My sister and I have done a picnic at the park a few blocks from our house every year since Luke was a baby.  We are semi-forcing these two cousins to be best friends.  They aren't wearing helmets because they rode bikes.  They walk/ran but apparently helmets were necessary?
3) Our first drive-in trip of the year!!  Saw Captain America: Civil War.  Luke watched Incredibles in the car.
4) Luke might go to the drive-in just for the popcorn.  It's very likely.
5) My baby sister graduated college exactly 11 years to the day after I did.  And showed us all up by finishing in 3 years (the rest of us took a whole 4).  Proud of her!!
6) On Mother's Day Luke told me: "I get you a Hot Wheels car, Mom.  I not tell you.  It a surprise."  So Matt went and bought a Hot Wheels car for Luke to give me which now sits on my desk.  Luke was very proud of this gift.  It was adorable.
7) Our first zoo trip of the year and of course Lemur had to go to see the real lemurs.
8) Luke's first real dentist trip and he did great!!  I was so proud watching him lay there, not fuss, and open his mouth when needed.  Such a big kid!
9) Helping me pick out flowers at Lowes!  I have a slight problem with buying flowers.  And then a bigger problem keeping them alive...
10) Luke picks me flowers often and this bunch was at the lake.  He's so proud with every single one he gives me.  It's one of my favorite things.
11) Jet ski in the water.  Nobody was happier about it than that little boy.
12) We were at the lake with a few of the older cousins and they do so great with Luke.  Luke loves all his cousins and loves playing with any of them.  It so nice that they seem to like him too.
13) First family jet ski picture of the year.  There are bound to be a lot more.
14) We had great weather for the lake and even spent time at the sandbar, in May!!  Luke was only interested in "driving" the jet ski and having it all to himself though.
15) Beautiful day at the lake.  Hard to leave when it looks this pretty but the idea of a shower after 3 hot days without one is pretty inciting.
16) Beautiful sunset on the last day of the month!

Books finished: 11 (58 for the year)
Things added to the garage sale pile: 22, with the garage sale yesterday so hopefully I'm done for now!
Things sewn:  4 pillow covers and 10 burb cloths.  That's it!!  Summer weather and being gone, just didn't happen much!  
Things crafted: I spray painted a lot...
Miles ran: 24.84, as well as finishing the 30 day shred!  And kept up the shred after finishing 30 days.  With being gone 1/3 of the month.  I'm frankly amazed by myself.  
Currently watching: Very, very occasionally watching some Hart of Dixie.  It was struggle to finish our few regular shows this month!
Most read post this month: Strangely, one from February!  Overnight Oatmeal, I think Pinterest got a hold of it.

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