Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Time Hacks

Who doesn't love some easy ways to save a little time?  Why not gain back a few of our minutes here and there when we can?  Here are 25 little time hacks to hopefully help you find a few more minutes in your day. 

  1. Shorten your "getting ready" routine.  I set a timer for my showers and try to beat it.
  2. Don't wash your hair every day.
  3. Make simpler meals that require less prep.
  4. Spend less time on social media.
  5. Teach (and enforce) your kids how to clean-up after themselves.
  6. Get a DVR to fast forward through commercials and watch your shows in your own time (just don't use it as an excuse to watch more tv!).
  7. Watch less tv.
  8. Combine errands or avoid them as much as possible.  Some weeks we don't even go to Target and I strangely love it!
  9. Take advantage of internet shopping and have things delivered for free!
  10. Automate all your regular bills - credit cards, utilities, cell phones, etc.  (But, of course, still review your credit card activity on a regular basis!).
  11. Pick out clothes the night before when you can probably think straighter than doing it half asleep in the mornings.
  12. Do laundry less (we do every other week for most things).
  13. Multi-task while watching tv - last night I synced my phone for new music and wrapped up presents for Luke when he fills his quiet time chart (he won't get presentS but we're going to let him choose from a few wrapped things).
  14. Spend less time on social media.
  15. Check your e-mail less.
  16. Refresh Feedly less (I need to be better about this...)
  17. Spend less time on your phone doing whatever you know is a time waster.
  18. Delete games from your phone (I have none.).
  19. Brainstorm during down times.  I often mentally write blog posts while driving or plan my outfit for the next day while brushing my teeth (at least on the days it matters like work...not that my normal SAHM wear needs much planning...)
  20. Eat leftovers.  Either for lunch or supper, saves time either way!
  21. Eat the same thing for breakfast and/or lunch every day or rotate between just a few things.  Not having to think about what to eat saves time and mental space!
  22. Don't put off anything that takes less than a minute.
  23. Workout in the morning before you have time to resist and then only have to shower once a day. 
  24. Menu plan.  I swear by it.  
  25. Take a book (or a magazine that's been sitting around too long) when you know you're going to have to wait like at a doctor's appointment or the school pick-up line. 

What else do you have??

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