Thursday, December 1, 2016

Make Your Own: Blanket Scarves

According to the fashion blogs I read, blanket scarves are definitely a thing.  This appeals to me mainly because I spent most of December – March cold, and the idea of wearing a blanket around all day is pretty appealing (Sherry of Young House Love has described her favorite temperature as "hot car" and I've definitely stolen that. It's my favorite too.)  Very appealing.  When I’m on my computer or watching tv with Matt at night I am usually wrapped up in a blanket.  But I never bought a blanket scarf because…I just don’t buy many scarves I guess.  Then I saw a super easy tutorial for sewing my own and I was sold.  I am always looking out for easy sewing projects, especially when they will save me money or give me more color/pattern options.  Plus I just like sewing.  I’ve made these for less than $5 a scarf (not including the cost of thread…which is slightly more than minimal here but still pretty negligible).  

As long as you can cut and sew in a straight line, you can easily make a blanket scarf.  And, bonus, you’ll have an extra for a friend!   I’ve had the best luck with thicker fabrics.  I bought one at Jo-Ann that was super soft but was thin which gave me all sorts of tension issues when sewing.  After tearing around about 20 feet of stitches…I’m less sold on it.

I made a bunch of these for the craft bazaar I did with two of my sisters a few weeks ago and they were my second biggest seller (after burb cloths, which was good considering how many of those I've made).   Which may or may not be saying much.

Supplies needed
2 yards flannel shirting fabric 
Sewing machine
Tape measure/way to measure

1) Buy fabric and wash.  Lay out and cut in half, length-wise.  This fabric was about 40 inches wide which left me with two pieces, each 6’ x 40”.  One I bought was extra wide so I got 3 scarves out of that one.
2) Sew all the way around the fabric, about 1/4” in and then a second time, all the way around, about 1/8” in from the first line.  

3) Iron and clean-up any loose threads.

That’s it!  It is a decent amount of sewing but mostly all straight lines which makes it go pretty quick.  Now I’ll be wearing a blanket all winter and feeling at least slightly warmer.  

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