Friday, December 2, 2016

Looking Back at November

I feel like I am just now ready for it to be September and fall but then I get REALLY excited that it's Christmastime and as much as I love fall, especially this really long and lovely fall we had, I love Christmastime even more.  December is one of my favorite months of the year (July is, naturally, #1, and I've actually thought enough to rank my top 4...I don't know why I feel the need, at 33, to rank my favorite months.  But I do) and the whole Christmas season/spirit/festivities are a big reason for that, it's certainly not the weather.  As I sit here typing this with our tree 15 feet away, looking at pictures of Luke outside in shorts is a little strange because already it feels like that weather was so long ago, but really, it wasn't.  Fall 2016, I loved you. 

1) Reading on the porch, without 100 layers, in November.  So nice to be able to do that in this weather AND be on the porch at all after it was mostly out of commission for 2 months.
2) Outside in short sleeves and enjoying popsicles without freezing in November.  This fall was magical.
3) Luke and I did a lot of bike/scooter rides to look at pretty trees.
4) Closing the lake on another gorgeous fall day.  Not like being there in the warm months but just walking in the cottage and smelling that lovely musty smell, brings back SO MANY happy summer memories.
5) Family picture at the lake.  This picture made our Christmas card.
6) All of a sudden Luke is looking really old and is talking about being 4.  4!  I'm in denial.
7) He loves wearing these "Harry Potter" glasses which, of course, make him look hilarious and adorable.
8) He's been picking me every dandelion he's seen all year.  I love it.
9) Gorgeous fall colors.
10) He just recently mastered this at the playground and is SO proud of himself even though it makes me very nervous.
11) Luke and Lemur in their matching super capes.  He's decided Matt and I need them now too so we can all save the world from bad guys.
12) At the park on the Friday before Thanksgiving, 70°, about 12 hours before we woke up to snow flurries.
13) Baking Christmas cookies!  Luke was SO into helping me this year (until it came to clean-up).
14) Take my son to work day!  Talking with my boss about scheduling and babysitters and I got permission to bring Luke in with me or work from home, basically whatever it takes for me to keep working (mainly because nobody else wants to do my job but still, job security).  Luke even cried when we had to leave.  Apparently it's that much fun.
15) Mailing my Christmas cards on the way to Target on Black Friday, per my tradition.
16) Getting our tree Thanksgiving weekend!  Christmastime has begun!

Books finished: 12 (124 for the year)  (update to this massive, 18 book high, to-read pile: today I'll finish #6 from that stack but have also picked up another two holds...14 is better than 18! #progress)
Things sewn:  6 burb cloths, 8 clutches, 7 tote bags, and 9 blanket scarves.
Miles ran: 11.8.  I'm pretty amazed and proud that I ran at all, about 98% certain those were the first outdoor November runs of my life!
Currently watching:  I'm more than halfway through Hart of Dixie (started it in April), working through The Crown.  And sometimes House Hunters with Matt.  And our normal tv shows that are currently airing.
Most read post this month: Quick Lit - November followed by {5} Random Thoughts
Luke's current favorite song: "Paint it Black" had a long run but it's now a Christmas Melody sung by Sesame Street characters.  I just asked him the other day if he knew Elmo had a tv show.  He did not. 


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