Friday, February 3, 2017

Looking Back at January

Despite the cold, I find January to be a pretty pleasant month.  It always feels like we have a lot of extra time once all the Christmas things are over.  I love getting the house back to "normal" and try to do a lot of organizing and checking things off the to-do list that were put off during the holidays.  It's so refreshing and wonderful!

Highlights for this month were not leaving the house much, my new goddaughter's baptism, and a wonderful 60° weekend.  Not going to be upset about that in Indiana in January!
 1) Packing away Christmas!
2) Luke's loved the Statue of Liberty since our New York trip and made one out of Duplos himself!
3) Take my son to work day, round 2.  I know I'm lucky to have such a flexible work schedule and environment!
4) We play the Squirrel game.  A lot.
5) Having snack time on blankets.  I don't know why that's better than snack time off blankets.
6) You might be able to tell this is the Squirrel game again.  I didn't until I was writing this...
7) That ONE gorgeous day in January when it was 60° and sunny...
8) ...which was warm enough to read on the porch!
9) And spray paint in the backyard.
10) Luke's loved Twister lately.  It's hilarious.
11) My happy, sweet, adorable boy.
12) Eating the last of the gingerbread!
13) This is from The Yummi Bunni.  It is ice cream between a donut.  It was even more delicous than I could have imagined.  But also waaaaay messier.
14) Feeling the UD love on a quiet Sunday morning.
15) SUN!  And snow.  But SUN.
16) Luke's recently learned how to shred cheese which has actually been a big help for me!

I realized I use a lot of my own old blog posts as reference.  Super handy having them all on the internet!  Here's all the ones I used this month!

Books finished: 15.  That resolution to read less...not doing so well. 
Things sewn:  1 burb cloths, 1 blanket like this and 1 similar to this, but baby sized
Miles ran:  2.17 I believe, my first outside miles in January ever!  I'm pretty proud I ran at all... (see: {5} Reasons I Don't Run in the Winter)
Things added to the garage sale pile: 22!
Currently watching: Working through a back stash of movies I've been meaning to watch!  Next up, The King & I
Most read post this month: Quick Lit, per usual.  Then Favorite Grown-Up Reads of 2016
Luke's current favorite song: Today's request was Mary Poppins.  He particularly likes "Let's Go Fly a Kite" and "Step in Time".

What kept you busy last month? 

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