Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sharing the Liner Love

Sometimes Saturdays can be a struggle around here.  We want to get things done, but also relax and spend extra time with Luke.  I have a whole list of home projects I want to accomplish this year but also am trying to pace us so we're not overwhelmed with getting all the things done at once!  Which means I'm doing various little things while Matt works through his basement organizing (It's happening!  We're making good progress down there!).

On one of these mostly quiet Saturdays I was kinda looking for a project and realized my make-up bag really needed cleaned.  I bought it at the Vera Bradley outlet almost 11 years ago and not sure it's been washed since.  And apparently I often reach for it with make-up covered fingers.  It was really dirty.  That make-up bag cleaning quickly turned into medicine cabinet cleaning.  Which then turned into medicine cabinet lining.  And major heart eyes going on afterwards!

It's a project I had been considering since pretty much these were installed but was worried it would be too busy with all the different bottles and jars.  It turns out, nope.  Lining the backs made them beautiful.  It's been a few weeks and I still get a stupid smile on my face every time I open them. 

As far as bang for the buck projects go, this one was a huge one!  I used leftover liner from drawers and it took maybe 45 minutes to clean, purge, and line one cabinet.  I've learned over the last few months that I have a strong preference for that dark blue with white contrast (throw pillow with that color combo coming soon-ish).  Even though it should be no surprise to me, seeing as even Luke knows "Mom likes all the blues!".

At the time I only did "my" medicine cabinet (although almost a whole shelf of toddler medicine is clearly not mine) and then Matt started asking why is cabinet wasn't pretty (not his exact words) since I was so thrilled with mine.  I actually took a before picture of "his" (He needs less than one shelf.  I am practically overflowing two...):

This was before purging.   Then after:

Isn't it so much better??  Also, very obvious where we do most/all our household/personal care/healthcare shopping? 

My niece was recently amazed that the mirrors in the bathroom open and even told me "You can fit a lot of stuff in there for them being so small!".  And it's true.  Along with our massive vanity, we've packed a lot of storage into our (not quite) 6'x6' bathroom.   

Probably didn't expect that I could write almost 500 words just about lining some bathroom cabinets.  I didn't expect to be this excited about lining bathroom cabinets.  As far as easy, satisfying home projects, I highly recommend.  May you be as enamored as I am.  Sometimes it really is the little things.

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