Friday, May 5, 2017

Looking Back at April

April is usually a lovely month, with the coming of spring, getting back outside, all the flowers, and general good spirits.  We ended the month with some crappy weather but for the most part, it was delightful.

1) I take a lot of pictures of spring flowers.  A lot.
2) Luke likes to hide between bath and bedtime.  Sometimes it's just under a blanket but this time he legitimately made me laugh out loud.  (He was under the chair cushion.)
3) "Lemur likes riding on my back."  A frequent activity.
4) I make chocolate raspberry cobbler every Lent and I thoroughly enjoy the entire pan, every time.
5) A good book, hot beverage, porch time, and wonderful flowers.  My happy place.
6) See, more spring flowers.  I could have filled the whole collage.
7) Easter morning!  The process of finding eggs was greatly slowed down by eating the contents of the eggs.
8) Our Easter downtown bike ride post family celebrations.  Gorgeous day and gorgeous tulips!
9) More flowers, but different kind from all the others!  And I grew these!
10) Quiet time coloring.  Turns out I'm as indecisive in my coloring decor as I am in my shopping for decor.
11) My long planned reread of the 30+ book saga.  So excited about this, even if it got put on hold after 3 books in one day (see #16).
12) Another bike ride downtown, more tulips!
13) Sun tea!!!! There are so many things that I love about sun tea season!
14) First trip to the zoo for the season!
15) We have reached the point where he can actually be helpful!  Here's he's pulling out staples!
16) Turns out 7 library stops in 8 days (to 4 different branches) can make my to-read pile get a little large.  Maybe I shouldn't do that again...

Posts I remade this month! (I haven't been doing enough baking lately!)

Books finished: 21 for the month, 68 for the year.   
Things sewn:  Nothing!  Can't say for certain where my sewing machine is at the moment.  (#floorproject)
Miles ran:  15.22  I had hoped for at least 20 but the weather and our schedule have not been syncing up well lately!  
Things added to the garage sale pile: 24 - we have our sale in a few weeks so it should be slowing down after this month! (As we put our house back together next week I'm SURE I'll find more.)
Currently watching:  Rewatching season 4 of Hart of Dixie because it's just so enjoyable.  Matt and I are on season 3 of Lost (maybe my favorite season?) and we watched a lot of The Office season 3 while working on the floor.  I missed that show!
Most read post this month: As always, April Quick Lit.  Followed by (tie) {5}Thoughts and Stripping: Laundry Style.
Luke's current favorite song: "That's How You Know" from Enchanted.  He usually latches on to whatever song I have from our most recent movie night!  (I did shout "We were there!" multiple times at the tv while watching that movie.  It's part of it's appeal!)

Share some of the highlights of your month!  Spring weather was definitely one of ours!

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