Friday, March 2, 2018

Looking Back at February

February is over which means spring is coming!  Or has already started to come, in little bits of time!!  We ended February with some sunny, 60° days and it is so exciting.  Snow is completely possible still where we live, although probably not inches of it at a time.  I know we still have some cold days...but spring is coming and it's so exciting.

1) Naturally he needed to watch the Super Bowl from on top of the coffee table.  Luke: "Who do we want to see get knocked over?"   Us: "Tom Brady"  Luke "Oh yeah, him."
2) Waking up to snow, so pretty, especially when we can stay home all day!
3) I might be really excited about spring but blue sky, snowy days are always so pretty.
4) I've been buying flowers on my grocery stops and they make me happy.
5) Treats after registering our boy for kindergarten!  Ahhhhh, how did that happen?!?!?
6) Working hard on puzzles!
7) Wintery sunset from the backyard
8) Reading and a warm beverage - about my favorite way to spend winter.
9) He was making a picture and accidentally wrote love.
10) Jumping in puddles on warmer winter days!
11) Getting paid to watch Olympics!  (Or working from home with the Olympics on in the background.)
12) Reading a Star Wars book together, naturally.
13) A pretty puzzle I was working on!  We do a lot of them in the winter!
14) Outside without all of my layers!  So exciting!
15) Might be warm enough for porch time but still need a hot beverage.
16) Porch time in February.  It's wonderful.

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Books finished: 18 for the month, 36 for the year! There are just so many books I want to read!
Things added to the garage sale pile: 5 I think?  Not a ton but I did a major house purge in January!

Miles ran: 4.58!  I really like not running in the winter but starting again is always painful!
Currently watching: February was A LOT of Olympics.  Still working through Lost together and I've just started back on The Crown season 2!
Most read post this month: The ones I liked up at Modern Mrs. Darcy: {7} Things Saving Me This Winter and February Quick Lit.  Otherwise, Make Your House Look Clean - Day 1
Luke's current favorite song: His real favorites are these bad lib dub Star Wars videos he's been watching with Matt but he knows I find them weird so his favorite that I am willing to acknowledge is still Veggie Tales. 

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