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Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Shopping Post

It's really hard to think about fall/winter clothes at the moment because, as I write this, it is a heat index 91° and I've been mostly in the AC for the past 3 days.  Besides leaving to do the school run in the morning, when it's still cool, and sweating through the school run in the afternoon, when it is definitely not.  But I have thought a little, little, about what I'd like to add to my closet for the someday, upcoming, cooler weather.  Spoiler: it includes sweaters.  Always sweaters.

First, looking back at how I did with my spring/summer shopping list from back here.

1) Navy wedges
Eternally on my list until I can find them in my price range.  No luck yet, three years running.

2) Grey/silver flats
I may have already had these when I wrote that post but these were a straight replacement for an identical pair that was, and still is, wearing out.  And I've still be wearing the not quite but almost worn out pair more because they are broken in and much more comfortable.  But they won't last much longer.  Mad Love Lydia Loafers

3) Grey Joggers
These were a maybe.  Bought some from Old Navy, didn't like them, returned, and then forgot to look for more.  Maybe a maybe again but not pressing.

4) Denim Jacket

I said I might buy this one from Old Navy and I did and I kept it and have worn it!  Mostly to work where they blast the AC because I don't have many other places to wear a jacket in the summer since we most definitely do NOT blast our AC at home. 

5) 2ish t-shirts

5 is "2ish", right?  All ThredUp, among my most frequently worn tees this summer so that worked out.  I may have a thing for blue stripes.  And one of them even got it's own post I wore it so often.  Both ends are J Crew and I liked them so much I just went down a rabbit hole of looking for more J Crew tees on ThredUp which ended with my finding out they max your cart at 25 items.  Who knew?  (Also, I definitely won't be buying all of those.)

6) 2ish tank tops
3 is definitely 2ish.  Again, all ThredUp. I wore one of these when I started writing this post and another as I'm finishing it (the next day).

7) A Sundress
I bought this from ThredUp but it's a little big and so I need to have the straps shortened just a bit and need to decide if that is worth it for a dress I didn't spend much on.  I've held onto it this long I should at least look into it.

8) Everyday Skinny Jeans
I had a pair of these Levi 535 Jeggings from 4ish years ago and I wore those suckers out.  Still wear them at the lake when it's chilly even though they are missing a large portion of the knees.  I liked them so much that I bought a replacement pair on Amazon but I don't think I like this pair as much as my original ones.  I wore them a few days in New York and a scattering of days since (the weather hasn't allowed for many more) so I haven't gotten a ton of use from them yet but it is nice to have non-distressed jeans for Saturday evening church or just times I don't want holey jeans.  But they aren't my favorites.

As for the things I didn't plan to buy, I've decided I'm not longer counting straight replacements because I get to make the rules.  I did have to replace my sunglasses (in New York!) and every day flip-flops when both my long owned and plenty worn items were done.  Otherwise, I was down to 4.  FOUR!  I was around 20 when I started making these lists and now I actually stick to them!

ON shorts | ON Pineapple tank | BP twist front tee | New York & Co. top (ThredUp)

For fall 2018 - winter 2019, I haven't given it a ton of thought because, again, it's been hot here and just the thought of wearing sweaters is making me sweat.  But here is my list:

1) Fun Flats

I have grey/silver, grey/white striped, black, and navy but I would like a "fun" pair.  I almost bought these dv Addie slides from Target this summer but didn't but I keep thinking about them.  I'd like that color and fabric in a flat.  Or something else not a neutral.  I'm unsure where I will find these but since I wear flats for much of the spring and fall, they could get a lot of use. 

2) Tan Sweater

I had one I really liked 2 years ago but it shrunk and I haven't figured out how to fix that and/or found a good replacement.  I'm on the hunt again.

3) 2ish Colored Sweaters

I realized last winter that my favorite sweaters were my colored ones - specifically blue or green.  I'd like to get a few more since that's what I like to wear the most.  Probably, again, shades of blue or green.  Just ordered some possibilities from ThredUp.

4) 2ish Long Sleeved Tees

I wear these a lot in the summer and some of my original Target ones don't fit as well as I'd like. 

5) Another Pair of Old Navy Rockstars

I have two pairs of Old Navy Rockstars and I really like both of them, for different reasons.  I'd like to try another pair.  So sale stalking.  Also, when I find something I like I want to buy multiples so this is right on track for me.

6) Christmas Dress

I wore a dress last year for Christmas Eve Mass but I have absolutely no idea what one because there is not a single picture of me from that evening.  Ones of my husband and Luke, yes.  But not me.  So I doubt anyone else remembers what I wore but I think I would like a new dress for Christmas.  Or at least I'll look for one.

I think that's it?  This is the season I've put the least amount of thought into it since I started this plan so it's all subject to change.  Also, I filled the list with things I'm likely going to buy anyways.  SOOO...I finally figured out how to win at not "over" shopping.  We'll see what happens after Black Friday shopping.  Is it too soon to start looking for those ads?  Don't worry, I've already started Christmas shopping.

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