Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Five: 5 (new) Star Wars things that have appeared in our house

You may not know this, but there is a new Star Wars movie coming out this winter.  You might literally not know that, one of my sisters just asked me last week if there was a new movie.  Disney could probably do nothing to promote it and millions would still be super excited.  But they are promoting the crap out of it, pretty much to the point of over saturation, and that's coming from a household of Star Wars fans. I got invites to both Target's AND Jo-Ann Fabrics' unveiling of Star Wars products party a few months ago.  We've seen giant cardboard Chewies at both Target and JC Penney's (although, Penney's didn't make any sound, much to Luke's disappointment).

We have yet to buy a single toy or anything directly related to the new movie because we know nothing about it (besides the trailers).  And we've steered clear of the things like coffee creamer and EZ Mac with characters on them.  BUT...there are a few things that have snuck into our house in the last few months.  It was presdestined.

But seriously...have you seen the trailer?  We may or may not already have tickets for Thursday, December 17th.  We hope to take Luke again later.  If only it was summer, then we could hit it up at all of our drive-ins (we would definitely do that). 

1)  Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Storybook Collection)
I have never been able to stay awake for the original trilogy.  I've seen bits and pieces but not whole movies.  Admittedly, most of my Star Wars knowledge comes from many hours playing the Lego video games.  Then we worked through this storybook.  It's 18 stories from the original trilogy and I learned a lot!  I kept saying "Oh! That was in the video game!" and Matt would give me a look.  But A LOT of things made a lot more sense after reading this book to Luke over 18 nights (although, it still feels like Luke Skywalker went from farm boy to pilot to super Jedi in about a week.)  Luke loved these stories; they were perfect for his age and Star Wars understanding.  I have this on a wishlist to buy.  We'd read it a lot.

2) The Adventures of Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight
Another book, this one about Luke's NOT namesake (maybe 2% after Luke Skywalker).  Again, filled in a lot of blanks that I didn't catch from the video games.  And the pictures were really cool.  Looked like concept drawings but accurate to the movies (the parts I was awake for).  Another one we will likely buy.

3) Soup

I know.  It's canned soup.  We don't buy much of it (besides my beloved cheddar cheese soup that I can't seem to replicate at home just right) and Luke isn't even good at eating soup.  BUT...these were on sale...and I had a Cartwheel deal...and they are Star Wars.  I know, I even agreed that the marketing is getting a little insane but these might have been too awesome to pass up.  We have yet to eat any of them but Luke enjoys carrying Yoda around and putting him to bed with the kitchen towels. 

4) Mac N Cheese

Yeah...we have some of this too.  I know, it's much better to make mac n cheese from scratch and we do that more than the boxed stuff BUT...these are really nice to have for the lake (when packing light is always our aim) or for quick lunches at home.  We actually have eaten some of these which is why there are only two Darth Vaders and one Yoda left.  Although, even Star Wars can't get Luke to eat mac n cheese.  What other kid doesn't like mac n cheese???

5) Lunch box

I pride myself on not being much of an impulse shopper, doing pretty good at sticking to my lists and budget (most of the time, there is a reason I mostly steer clear of Target's Dollar Spot).  But when we were at Old Navy awhile ago for a return and I saw this right by the checkout...yeah we bought it.  At least I had a 10% off coupon!  We are both kinda suckers for the classic Star Wars stuff (Luke also has a sign in his room and t-shirt with this picture) and it's useful! (It holds whole crayons, the ones we don't let Luke use yet.)  We are part of the reason George Lucas is a quadrabillionaire.

(And we definitely have tickets for opening night at Star Wars...not at midnight though.  That would be crazy.)

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