Friday, July 7, 2017

Looking Back at June

In Oprah speak, summer is when we live our best life.  I talk often about how we hibernate in the winter but more than make up for it in the summer months.  We attended our first wedding (of the 4 cousins and one sister I have getting married this year), our church festival, wedding rehearsal (all three of those in 24 hours), a few trips to the lake, hosted my sister's bridal shower in our backyard, did a sister bachlorette afternoon, a family campfire night, and two baseball games (on back to back nights).  As well as the usual park trips, bike rides, and zoo trips.  June is busy and July is always busier and I'm pretty darn excited about it.  Summer, bring it on.

1) Sunset jet ski favorite.  And wearing a sweatshirt...
2) See...look how pretty!
3) Enjoying chipwiches around the pool.  SO GOOD.  Matt's been requesting them again.
4) We made our fifth adoption profile this month and needed picture showing us doing the hobbies we claimed to do (which we do, we just don't usually photograph).  So here is me pretending to sew.  Not the only picture we staged so we could prove we do what we say.
5) Family campfire night instead of our annual camping trip (partially due to all the aforementioned weddings).  Still a good time, despite the rain. And we ate hobos which I love.
6) Father's Day bike ride downtown!  We each have a bike seat for Luke but I'm usually real nice and "let" Luke ride with Matt.
7) And our bike ride included stopping for ice cream.  Because...summer.
8) A zoo trip!  This drinking fountain is older than me!
9) Kayaking at the lake, took our third trip of the year before we got them out.  Oops.
10) Sunset jet ski ride, again.
11) We burn our Christmas tree at the lake every year.  It makes for a reallllllly big fire, for about 60 seconds.
12) Daytime jet ski rides are pretty too...
13) My hydrangeas which are satisfying my backyard blue flower itch until my morning glories bloom!
14) Reading a magazine at the park while Luke plays.  It was ideal for everyone!
15) Luke and Lemur watching the real lemurs.  They are, obviously, his favorite.
16) And baseball!  Although, I never really watch any of the game.

Prior blog posts I made (I reference my own blog ALL. THE. TIME.)

Books finished: 20 for the month, 102 for the year.   
Things sewn:  I fake sewed for that picture...
Miles ran: 60.21, and my knees and ankles are not happy about it.
Currently watching:  Finished season 4 of Hart of Dixie.  Together we're rewatching The Office (on season 4) and Lost (season 3) and been trying to catch up on some movies (on the docket: La La Land, Beauty and the Beast, The Philadelphia Story, and Jackie.)
Most read post this month: Quick Lit  - June followed by {100} Picture Books to Read This Summer.
Luke's current favorite song: "God is Bigger" by VeggieTales.  We listen to a lot of VeggieTales...

What were some of the highlights to your month?  Pretty excited about a bunch of things coming in July!

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