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A Day in the Life #7 (Luke 4½)

It's been awhile since I did once of these!  Always feels like a lot of work but then I'm really glad to have them to look back on.  I just went down a small rabbit hole of reading all the old ones and realizing how much our lives have changed, routines changed, Luke has grown since I did my first one when he was 7½ months old.  Very very different!  Much less different from my most recent one 9 months ago.  But still different.

I'd highly recommend the process, even if you don't share with the internet (although I'd read it if you did!).  I find it so interesting to see how life changes and it stays the same!  Here we go - here's how our last Thursday went.

Thursday, October 26th, 2017
7:10am - Matt and I are out of bed, after a solid 15 minutes of hitting snooze on our phones.  Mine is charged across the room but that still hasn't really helped me snooze less...  Matt heads downstairs, I make the bed, change into my workout clothes, gather up my post-shower clothes, and head downstairs.  Talk to Matt and see him out the door, take morning meds, maybe pick at my peeling hand/foot/mouth gross feet a little bit.

7:45am - I am in the basement to workout.  Finished up episode #217 of The Popcast and get through most of episode #142 of From the Front Porch.  Drink my first 22ounces of water for the day.  We've reached the point in the year when I need a space heater to warm up the basement a bit as I warm-up my muscles.  Yay winter.
8:20am - Done working out and back upstairs, open most of the upstairs blinds since the sun rose when I was in the basement.  Take a long (hot) shower, get dressed, do my hair and make-up.

9:05am - All ready for the day (see why getting out the door for school next year is going to be a problem?), head to my computer.  Spend 10 minutes sorting and tagging pictures from the past few days, 5 minutes reading blogs and commenting, then 25 minutes working on my own blog, mostly planning posts for the next 1-2 months (not nearly all my posts are planned that far in advance and I still have plenty of blank spots in my posting calendar but thinking of the timing of year-end and Chrsitmas things).
9:45am - Luke is up and downstairs (again, why we are going to have problems getting out the door for school next year...). I talk to him, turn off my computer.  We have breakfast together.

10:02am - I put away a mountain of dishes in the drainer, that I had washed the night before, while he finishes eating.  I start a batch of ice cream churning (A new recipe coming to the blog next week!)

10:10am - We go upstairs to Luke's room to pick out his clothes, make his bed, and straighten up his room.  

10:30am - Start to get ready to leave the house which is a bit more drug out than usual.  I pack away the ice cream in the freezer and wash the components, putting the base right back in the freezer since I plan to make more ice cream the next day.  Bathroom, coats, etc.  Take some things to compost and boxes to the recycle on our way out the door.

10:47am - Pulling out, listening to one of Nick Carter's solo albums.  We have fancy tastes around here. First stop is Kroger for 2 quick items (one being for the ice cream I hope to be making soon, so crucial). 
11:02am - Leaving Kroger and driving to Aldi, we are going for one item but end up with 4.  Oops.

11:17am - Leaving Aldi and headed out to my longest time friend's family farm to buy pumpkins.  She was going to meet us but ended up with a sick kid (and is super pregnant too).  I couldn't get Luke to pose for many pictures but he was super enthusiastic about picking out pumpkins and we got more than I planned (oops).  
12:17pm - We are back home.  Unload the car, Luke helps "decorate" with the pumpkins, putting "his" two on his swings.  He spends some time chasing a neighborhood cat around our backyard while I make lunch and have a 5 minute phone call with my boss.  Also get certified mail which turns out to be paperwork for the car we bought two weeks earlier.  So a BMV trip is in my future.  Forgot about that.
12:57pm - Lunch with Luke.  I have leftover canned chicken & rice soup (which I really do like) and Luke has a piece of salami.  We both have a banana and Luke the last of Matt's birthday cupcakes.
1:17pm - Get Luke down for quiet time.  He asks to play with my old Playmobil and that actually keeps him quiet!

1:22pm - I take a nap to try to get rid of a headache.  It only kinda works.  (I seriously debated that nap, knowing I was doing this post on my day...but my head hurt waaay too bad not to.)
2:00pm - Do a sinus rinse to also try to help my headache.  It helps a little.  Then I read my devotional, check e-mail, and read parts of two books. (Of course I'm reading a really dorky book for when I do this...Star Wars from a Certain Point of View and The Power of Habit)

2:54pm - On my computer, sorting through pictures from earlier in the day.
3:00pm - Start working on this blog post, editing pictures, writing out our day so far!

3:45pm - Go get Luke from quiet time (I only had to chase him back upstairs twice today!) and he wants to keep playing in his room for awhile (probably just avoiding having to clean-up).  So I try on a pile of clothes from Old Navy that were delivered more than a week earlier (clearly I was super excited about this stuff when it took me over a week to get to them...)  Luke refuses to clean-up his mess so a whole bunch of toys end up confiscated in the attic.  Quiet time tomorrow should be interesting.

4:30pm - Luke and I head outside to get his bike and go on a ride around the neighborhood (and I take a lot of pictures of fall colors).

5:15pm - We are back home and Matt is home too.  I had told him I wanted to go for a run and, since he just got new running shoes the day before, he wants to come too.  So we both change, get the stroller, and head out on a family run.

5:25pm - We stretch and run.  Luke runs about a mile, Matt does about 2, I keep going after they head home and run 4.63.
6:10pm - I am back home and Matt has supper mostly warmed up (leftovers!).  We eat.
6:35pm - Luke heads outside to play, Matt and I talk (without 4 year old interruptions!) while cleaning up the kitchen.
7:00pm - I take shower #2 for the day, then start Luke's bath water as soon as I'm out.
7:15pm - Supervise Luke's bathtime.
8:15pm - We do family prayers, a story, and watch "the dancer guys".  Matt lays with Luke for a bit and gets him tucked in.

8:30pm - I read on the couch, eat some toast.
9:30pm - I get ice cream out of the freezer to thaw a bit (this one, but with blackberries), chase Luke back to his room, check Instagram.
9:50pm - Matt and I watch a season 8 episode of The Office together on the couch with our ice cream.

10:15pm - Get ready for bed, take Luke to the bathroom and talk to him, try to convince him it's waaaaaaaay past bedtime.  He needs to be asleep (the downside of his sleeping in until 9:45...).  I lay out my workout clothes for the morning and my post-shower clothes.  Tell Luke to get back in bed a few more times.
10:35pm - I'm in bed to read more while Matt finishes showering and telling Luke to go back to bed.  We hear a kazoo until almost 11...

11:00pm - Lights out!  I may be the first one asleep...

And that was our day!  I did basically no housework and Luke did no schoolwork...the first is atypical, the second not so much.  By the time I do the next one of these he might be in school full-time!  Then our schedule will really be different!

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