Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Just like last year, there are two events that really stand out when I look back at the past 12 months.  In 2013 it was very emotional things.  This year it was two things that kept me from showering in my own house for almost 1/4 of the year (12 weeks to be exact).  The first is the huge bathroom remodel that I still can't really believe Matt pulled off and the second was my second foot surgery that kept me on crutches for 43 days.  There is also this little guy who grew just a tiny bit over the past year:

He learned how to climb up the stairs January 2nd and by the end of the year (really, months ago) he was getting into EVERYTHING. I'm down to about 2 surfaces that are currently safe from him.  It's incredible how much he has grown and developed and changed.  I know, very cliche, but it's still mind blowing.  He's picking up a new word practically daily, talks non-stop, he has parts of songs and books memorized, he remembers a lot of peoples' names, he's putting things's just incredible.  Also, he still wearing that sleep sack that he was in January.  Literally, as I type this he is sleeping in bed in it.  So maybe he hasn't grown that much, physically (also wore the same sweater at Christmas and Thanksgiving 2 years in a row...).

Trying to remember what we did this was a busy one but also plenty of time at home (especially middle of September - October...a lot of time at home).

January...we survived many arctic vortexes and a lot of snow and cold.  Matt had his first snow day in over 5 years.  I started working once a week which people who work full time (like my husband) consider not really working, and stay at home moms generally consider a pain (just enough to be a pain).  We went to Manistee for the ski trip that wasn't a ski trip (for us) and managed to come home without losing any fingers or toes to frostbite (no heat, January, 2 feet of snow, was a possibility). 

February was really cold and we spent much of it at home.  I did a lot of craft projects because Luke and I were home pretty much all the time.  We also watched my sister's 4 kids about once a week for a few hours.  5 kids under 4.  That was an adventure.

March we had my favorite snow storm of all time; it was gorgeous and only lasted a few days. Every snow storm should be like this.
We also visited some friends in Cincinnati and, biggest of all, celebrated Luke's 1st birthday! It felt so old for him at the time but now that we are less than 3 months from 2, turning 1 is sounding pretty young. 

April brought Easter and a new transmission for our car.  After that being in the shop for 9 days we finally bought a second vehicle after 7 months with just one.  I'm still glad we did that experiment but also really glad to have my own car all the time now. Although probably not so good for my Target spending. 

May brought on one of the biggest things in our year...the bathroom remodel.  Oh my.  I hope I never take for granted showering at my own house again.  And having a working toilet.  And our house not being a construction site for almost 3 months.  I'm glad we did it but so much more glad that it is done. 

The summer was filled with bathroom work ("finishing" mid July), our family vacation to Michigan,  a lot of lake trips, jet skiing, family time, my birthday, my Mixed Drinks Monday project, and plenty of outside time.

After a wonderful Labor Day weekend and a family camping trip, with fall came my second foot surgery and being on crutches was pretty much that whole season for me.   I think I'm glad I had that surgery (still working on getting back to 100%) but, again, even more glad that period is over.  Six weeks on crutches with a toddler was plenty for me. 

By the time I could walk again, it was Halloween and then lots of Christmas prep through November and December.  We were officially relisted as prospective adoptive parents in mid-November and so we are once again waiting on God's timing.  Then came celebrating Thanksgiving, lots of Christmases, and now finally relaxing and enjoying having less on the to-do list. 

This year wasn't full of changes like 2013 but still had it's challenges (see the aforementioned bathroom project and surgery for starters).  Overall though, we are so blessed, so incredibly blessed.  It's been a really good year.  Only God knows what 2015 will have in store for us, and the planner in me is learning to be ok with that.  No matter what happens, we are so thankful and appreciative of the life we have right now.  It's been a good year.  Here's to an even better 2015 (and a very sparkly New Years).

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