Friday, May 29, 2015

Things I like - May

I should just call these "things I've recently liked from Target" because that's what usually happens.  I'm sorry.  I go there for things like hand soap or body wash and sometimes get sucked into other parts of the store.  And free shipping online!  It's dangerous.  Every internet store should have free shipping although it's probably good that they don't.  Also, I don't make any money from these things, just FYI.  Just things I'm excited about lately.   

1) Backstreet Boys
I am a unabashed lover of the Backstreet Boys.  Not in the literal term (ew) but of their music.  And not in a creepy, I have a tattoo way but in a normal way.  I just realized I've been listening to their music for half my life (I've been having a lot of these "I feel so old" realizations lately).  Also, I saw them in concert (FINALLY) almost 7 years ago and it was awesome.  It was less than 24 hours after we got back from our second cruise so I was sleep deprived (from the very late drive home) and tan. be 25.  ANYWAYS, for some reason I've been on a Backstreet Boys kick lately.  I am still having computer problems which now keeps me from even being able to open iTunes (anyone explain how that is possible after replacing my motherboard?  I've googled it so many times) so I still have Christmas music on my phone which makes "shuffle all" a dangerous thing when I have hands too dirty (cleaning, baking, diaper changing) to hit next when "O Holy Night" pops up in May.   I don't have many playlists (since I was still listening to Christmas music almost exclusively the last time I synced) but I do have a lot of Backstreet Boys.  And I've been switching between these two classics:
I remember listening to the first many times in the summer of 1999 and the songs mostly remind me of that time.  And then the second came out a year later and got a lot of play and I still have the track listing almost memorized.  It's good, classic stuff and fun to sing along to while working around the house.  Luke is going to like it, no matter what Daddy says.

2) Merona Scoop-Neck Tees

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that I buy a lot of my clothes at Target (since that's most of the clothes I post about).  I have an allowance to consider here and don't want to spend a lot on clothes that will inevitably wind up with grass stains or dirty hands all over them.  These shirts are a recent fav, especially when they were on sale for $5 a few weeks ago.  I have the one above (this season) and a blue & white one from last year I've worn a lot (below).  I think the fit is perfect and the one I've had over a year has held up well. Plus, $5.  So yes, I have a few.  When I find something I really like I tend to buy multiples as the price allows.

3) Canvas Tote Bag

I'm not real prone to impulse shopping when it comes to clothes and accessories.  Usually there is internet browsing, then considering, then waiting (forever) for a sale, then reconsidering, then maybe ordering.  And even when I do buy at least half is eventually returned (I change my mind a lot/am too lazy to try things on in a store changing room which also sucks with a toddler running around/like looking at things in person).  This bag definitely qualifies as an impulse buy.  I saw another blogger post it and I had ordered it within 15 minutes.  Now, I don't have it yet so there is a chance it will still be returned, but for now I really really like it.  All my recent purse purchases have been more the satchel variety (here and here and here) but it's nice to have flexibility for times I might need to be more hands free.   And this perfectly fits with my recent nautical love (where did that come from???) and it's blue.  And it's white which might be dangerous with a toddler but we will see.  Right now I just think it's pretty.  AND on sale.  And from Target, obviously. 

4) Sancta Nomina
I stumbled across this blog after some others I read linked to it.  It's all about Catholic naming which doesn't sound like the most thrilling of topics but it really is.  The author does naming consultations for people based on some of their ideas and other children's names and comes up with a lot of awesome ideas.  Unless someone (eying you, my pregnant sisters) get to it first, we are pretty set on our next boy name but have gone back and forth many times on a girl.  We find those so much harder!  Then we finally do pick one and later find out it's become popular lately and it's back to the drawing board.  So this blog is helping.  It's given me lots of ideas and Matt just loves when I want to talk baby names over and over and over again (that's sarcasm but it's certainly not his least favorite topic of mine). 

5) Merona Earline Wedges

I used to wear heels to work every day, 4 inch ones.  That was 4 years, 2 surgeries, and having a full-time job ago.  I haven't worn heels very much since the old foot problem started and even less since I stay home.   But I recently seem to be acquiring wedges; I'm up to 3 whole pairs (I know, a real problem).  This is my latest and has been getting frequent wear.  They are pretty comfortable and the straps haven't caused many problems yet (depending on how long I wear them but I've gotten used to carrying band-aids for these things).  I've recently decided I generally like navy more than black and these shoes help with all my recent navy dress buying.  I don't think I ever owned navy shoes before and I feel like it's opened up a whole new world of clothes (navy things, mainly).  PLUS...they are on sale BOGO 50% off right now (and were when I bought them) which I accidentally but oh so conveniently learned means you can order 2 of the same thing, get one 50% off, and return one and keep the other for 25% off.  Follow that?  I'm learning a lot of buy and then return tricks.  This is what happens when you are at the Target return counter on a weekly basis. 

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