Thursday, October 1, 2015

Behind Door Number One...

I've been sticking with my "paint one kitchen cabinet a month" plan and am finally on the last of the ones I open daily.  Yay!!!  (As long as I ignore the lower cabinets, those scare me because they are so much deeper!  Jury is still out on if I'll paint those although it's probably inevitable that I will.)  I've roped Matt into helping me add some spice storage so I still don't have everything put back together, despite painting the cupboard two weeks ago.  So in the meantime I whipped up this little bulletin board for a whopping $2.50 to add some color and additional organization.  It was super easy and is a big improvement over the random post-its on the cupboard door, like so:

Those are various recipes I've made often at different points in my married life as well as a few from magazines.   Some of them have stayed up years past when they were made last which means they were recycling bin bound when it was time to redo this.

I used this exact cork board from Hobby Lobby, which I got 50% off (never pay full price for anything there).  I used leftover fabric from my kitchen valance (which also popped up on a book here).  The only other supplies I needed were scissors and duct tape (keeping it as classy as possible).

The process was as simple as cutting my fabric a few inches bigger than my board and duct taping it to the back, as tight as I could.  (In case you are wondering what I was watching while working on this, it was the "history making" finale of American Ninja Warrior.)

Matt hung it on the same cupboard door (that I had at least sprayed and wiped down after taking down all my post-it notes) with a few small nails and I stuck my chosen recipes back up. 

A few of the recipes made often enough to merit a spot on the door:
Also this Kitchen Measurement Cheat Sheet from One Good Thing.  It's very handy for my brain that can never remember the whole pints-quarts-gallons ratio.


 I always love a good before & after:

This was a really small (and cheap!) change but really brightened up the cupboard (along with the new paint!) and adds some nice color.  It makes me happy to open it up and see this instead of my random hodge-podge!

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