Friday, May 27, 2016

Things I Like - May

1) Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

I listened to a lot of NSync in my late teen years (I REGRET NOTHING).  I rarely like Justin's solo stuff but almost always at least check it out (having it often be free on Freegal really helps too).  But this song, quickly went into high rotation around here.  It was the only non-New York themed song on my New York playlist (which I listened to maybe 1 1/2 times our whole trip, turns out having a 3 year old along for (2) 17 hour train rides doesn't give you much time to listen to your own music).  It's upbeat and fun.  EW (I think) said it's in early contention for "the song of the summer" which I don't care about because I rarely have even heard whatever song they deem that (although 17 year old me definitely would have cared if it was Backstreet Boys or NSync related).  But it is perfect for summer.  Especially FREE.

2) Mossimo Crew Striped T-Shirt
I mostly wear crew necks in the winter and v-necks in the summer.  (I'm a creature of habit, for sure.) I really branched out recently and bought a crew neck short sleeved shirt.  I know, I'm a real fashion rebel (there is a lot of sarcasm in this paragraph, please read it that way).  I also realized I have a lot of striped 3/4 and long sleeved shirts but few short sleeved which is very strange so this shirt was branching out for me in TWO ways.  Again, such a fashion rebel.  BUT it is super comfortable, not fitting but not too baggy, a very important, fine line.  I bought this white/black (which is different from the black/white on the website, despite how the pictures may look) and wear it layered with a colored tank underneath to prevent any see-through issues.  I wore this shirt and skinny jeans on our train ride out to New York which was kinda overnight but had very little sleeping, thanks to a "I'm excited to be on a train and push all the buttons" little boy.   (That Matt...just hard to get him settled down.)  It was comfortable for that long ride and wearing around New York when we got there.  AND it is currently on sale for $5 so really, this is a no brainer.  You cannot go wrong with a comfy, $5 shirt. 

3) My Year with Eleanor
This was a recent reread that I never wrote about the first time!  The author lost her magazine job in NYC around 2008-2009 and gets a little lost.  She decides to take the Eleanor Roosevelt quote "Do one thing every day that scares you." literally and sets out to conquer her fears over the course of a year.  Some are big things like swimming with sharks and doing a stand-up comedy show.  Others are smaller like running naked through her apartment hallway (when there is a lack of anything else to do that day).  She talks a lot about fear and how it can affect us which I found very applicable to my life, seeing as I probably have a lot of irrational fears too. (Although I am perfectly fine never swimming with sharks, no matter what fears I could face with that.)  She later quit her job and moved to an island, writing an article about it for Cosmo (which I stumbled on, somehow years, ago, I don't regularly peruse Cosmo.)  Now I'd like a book about that adventure!

 4) Merona Striped Structured Tunic

I realize this is posting Friday of Memorial Day weekend, AKA the kickoff to summer for all of us who don't follow a school schedule (and maybe those that do) and you probably want to be thinking about swim suits, barbecues, and cold drinks, not shirts better worn in colder months.  BUT this is on clearance AND on sale so it is worth posting about, plus I bought just a few weeks ago (when it was simply on clearance, not an additional 20% off but I refrained from buying a second one just to save that 20%...which would be $1.30.  That's progress for me).  LONG intro to say this is comfy and flattering enough, slightly fitting but not super fitted (who wants that around the holidays, right?).  I'm more excited to wear this than I should be considering it's supposed to be 80° today.  (I have it in this black/white stripe.  I also ordered the navy stripe but returned it because it felt too...matronly on me?  I didn't like it.)

5) Floral Infinity Scarf

This was a Mother's Day present from Luke (that he had NO help picking out or purchasing, no help at all) and when I put it on the other day for work he said "Mom!  I give you that!  For your happy birthday!".  Close.  He was very excited to see me wearing it. 

I have a decent scarf collection going, at least considering how much I wear them (probably not enough).  BUT this one is perfect for spring/summer with the floral and colors.  It goes with most of my wardrobe (all blue and green...) and it's rayon which gives it a little more weight than my cotton ones and so lays a little better.  I don't wear scarfs a ton in the summer, mostly just to work where I freeze in the AC, but next March-May this will get a lot more wear. 

I swear I don't take these pictures for the blog...just for my reference.  But then I realized I have posted about almost every single item I'm wearing (Target 3/4 boatneck, shoes, phone case, purse not in the picture) and still really like all those items!  Yay for good purchasing!!

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