Friday, September 30, 2016

Books Luke Likes - September

We read a lot of good books this summer, mostly thanks to Everyday Reading's 100 book list.  Now we are slowly working through her list from last summer although it is nice to take a break from having dozens of books from the library and making multiple trips in a week in order to make the most of our 5 holds per card (guess who is getting a library card solely so we can have another 5 holds between the 3 of us...which, let's be honest, are used almost entirely by me but for the benefit for Luke and myself.). 

Even if I really like a book we still usually only read each one time before it is returned.  But then Luke picks some favorites that stick around their whole 3 week check-out period, sometimes renewed, and some checked out multiple times.  These are all those types.  The "read at least 10 times a week for 3 weeks straight" type.  I'm pretty picky about what books I am willing to sit through that many times in a row so if I can stand to read these 20-30 times each, they are winners in this house! 

1) Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night?
This is by the same author & illustrator as Luke's beloved Diggers book (mentioned here and here and here) and we didn't even know it existed until a random library shelf pull and it took until we sat down to read it that it was like Diggers but with different kinds of trains.  I mean, it had a lot going for it from the beginning.  Luke especially loved it after our recent Amtrak experience and riding the subway in New York, he keeps asking which trains we've been on and even picked out the Times Square picture all on his own.  Definitely on our "to buy" list (and there is a plane one coming out next year!). 

2) The Boss Baby
This is about a baby, who is the boss.  He gets his drinks on demand, a personal gym, and two people at his beck and call until he wears them out with all his demands.  So he has to try something new.  Luke likes to tell me he's the boss ( but there is some truth to it all, especially with infants.  It was humorous for us and Luke really enjoyed the idea of being in charge.  Although not sure his strongly opinionated 3 year old self needs any more power...

3) The Berenstain Bears Pirate Adventure
I've been a fan of these books my entire reading life and so obviously Luke is going to hear a lot of them (previously mentioned here and here).  In this one they return to their favorite vacation spot (previously mentioned in one of our favorites) and the kids find a shipwreck that was uncovered in the sand over the last year.  They pretend to be pirates.  Brother has to explain all this pirate language to the girls.  They have quite the active imagination.  Luke's been a fan of pirates since falling in love with his Watch Out for Pirates book (here and here) and calls this one "the other pirate book".  I'm always fine with him loving the Berenstain Bear books!  And using him as a reason to fulfill my childhood dream of owning all the books pictured on the back of the old books...

4) I'm Trying to Love Spiders
Luke found this book absolutely hilarious.  It's teaching kids about spiders...while also getting to squish some of them.  Which he just loved.  I learned a few things and I hope Luke did too, between pretending to smash them in the book or with his hands.  I can't say I love spiders any more...or want them in my house any more than before...but I guess I do appreciate them?  As long as they are outside and not touching me at least...  One of Luke's absolute favorites of the last months.  He loves those books that you get to see (see: Don't Push the Button)

5) Jumanji
I've never seen the movie.  Matt has.  Now Luke is all about this book.  He's been asking for "the book with the lion on the piano?" since we returned it months ago (although, conveniently, never when we're actually at the library so never when I can actually get it).  It's about two bored kids who play a board game and then find themselves running from wild animals in their own house.  I don't know what about it appeals to Luke so much but the idea of having a piano with a lion on it is really fun (I'd be ok with the piano, but not the lion).  It's a classic for a reason!

Any good kid reads to pass along??  We love reading new books!  Or rereading favorites, obviously!

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