Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fun with Flamingos

It appears that trends are finally catching up with me and flamingos are all over the place.  For once I get to be a trend-setter!  I didn't think I had that many flamingo things until I opened my small box of (possible) future baby girl clothes I've started hoarding...and almost all of it was flamingos.  I mean, like 5 pieces (it's a small box) but it was a common theme...if we don't end up with a daughter some niece is going to get a lot of flamingo clothes (sorry, sisters). 

We're trying to spend less, own less, etc. so sometimes just sharing things with the internet that I've found and considered is enough to squash the urge to buy!  I highly recommend it!  So here are a few things I've found and maybe a few I own, if you are looking to follow me or just stay trendy! =)

*It matches my phone case!
**I thought this might be a cute way to own flamingo clothes for myself...before I realized the same thing I think every time I see a romper... How do you pee in that???
****These look like the ones I've had for 16 years!
****I spared Matt the flamingo sheets on our bed...and have them for a future daughter...
*****I've been really good about avoiding JoAnn lately and especially the flannel fabrics (I have enough burb cloths in my stash) but...pretty sure I'll be picking this up if I can find it on my next trip.  It's flamingos AND pineapples!
******I do own this.  Two of them.

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