Friday, August 3, 2018

Looking Back at July

The best month of the year is over.  My birthday is in July which is part of what's made it my favorite but it's also peak summer.  We fill our calendar with lake trips and bike rides and lots of being social.  It's usually fun and exciting and by August 1st are ready for a bit of a break.  Hahaha.  This month felt more busy than past years but we also didn't seem to do as much.  I'm chalking that one up to having a baby and Matt working overtime every week.  Just getting out of the house in the evenings is much harder!

1) Lazy days reading in the backyard while Luke played in the pool and Sam played on a blanket (this didn't last long).
2) Lake sunset!
3) More reading in the backyard, got a baby monitor just in time!
4) Pretty corn while picking blueberries.
5) Classy pontoon means classy beer (also we finally got to ride our pontoon).
6) Sunset at the lake!
7) Lake fireworks!
8) Picking green beans at my parents'!  Luke got really into it!
9) I made vanilla ice cream just so we could have homemade chipwiches again.  They are amazing but messy.
10) Early morning runs, hard to get myself out of bed for them but always feels good to get it done!
11) Back at the zoo, Lemur always needs to see the lemurs.
12) Sleeping baby.  He could breathe, promise.
13) My morning glories are blooming again!
14) Happily coloring!
15) Sunset at the drive-in this time!
16) A sunset pontoon ride, been waiting all summer for one of these!
Looking back:
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Books finished: 17, 107 for the year!

Miles ran: 35.8, I need to stop comparing to last year when I didn't have a little baby!
Currently watching: We FINALLY finished Lost.  Only took forever.  Still watching Ninja Warrior and started Friends from College on Netflix (one of those shows we hope Luke isn't sneaking down to watch behind us.)
Most read post this month: Quick Lit but then A Big Cloth Diapering Post from 5 years ago!  No idea how that happened!
Luke's current favorite song: Raised on Black and Tans
by Gaelic's a song about drinking beer.  I have no idea how that happened.  I really don't. (For the record he is NOT being raised on beer, he's never had it.)

Now I really have to accept that school is starting soon and try to squeeze as much fun out of these last weeks that I can!

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