Friday, May 4, 2018

Looking Back at April

I think I'm now ready for Sam to be a month old...and he's two months already.  That whole first month was pretty much a blur with a lot of stress and not enough sleep.  Now it's spring and the days are getting warm and so long.  We're outside a lot (or at least I can kick Luke outside to burn some of his endless energy) and I am missing my runs, a lot.  I never expected I'd be nostalgic for all the miles I ran pushing a 35lb kid in the jogger! 

April had Easter, Luke's double birthday party day, Sam's baptism, Matt started a new job, and a new niece!  It was busy!

Looking back:
1 year ago: Book Love: Dark Matter (and I've been trying to get Matt to read it ever since.)
2 years ago: Homemade Burb Cloths (love finally getting to use these!)
3 years ago: Keeping the House (somewhat, mostly) Clean (still follow this!)
4 years ago: Real Expenses: One Year of Formula & Diapering (very informative!)
5 years ago: Let Me Tell You About the Call That Changed {Our} Destiny
6 years ago: Frustrating but Then Uplifting (story of adoption...)

1) Easter flowers!  Pink tulips are one of my all-time favorites!
2) Painting to briefly keep big brother busy while baby brother needs lots of attention.
3) LOVE finding him looking at books all on his own!
4) Reading, frozen coke, combos, and quiet time.  One of my favorite combos.
5) Oh look, more reading.
6) Running!  Painful but always excited to get back out!
7) And we're cloth diapering again!
8) Snow!  In mid-April!
9) Notice the snow boots with shorts...
10) Unintentionally used his London blanket on the day the royal baby was born!
11) Monthly trip to the downtown library!
12) Survived taking both boys downtown to get fingerprinted.  Which involved parking blocks away, remembering to leave my phone in the car, wrapping up the baby in blankets, speed walking to make my appointment, getting us all through security and the metal detector, being asked if I was there for a gun permit, and getting fingerprinted while holding the baby.  And then repeat in reverse.  Always a relief to have done!
13) Flowers picked for me by my boy!
14) Wish we could blame the kids for this mess...but we can't...
15) But we can blame him for this one!
16) Spring flowers!  They smell amazing!!

Books finished: 13 for the month, 62 for the year.
Things added to the garage sale pile: Near 50, I went on another big purge...
Miles ran: 4.54, a 4.54 mile improvement over March!
Currently watching: I finally finished The Crown and we finished season 5 of Lost (we only started the show a year ago...).  When we actually get to watch tv at night we're working through a DVR backlog.  There just isn't as much time...
Most read post this month: Quick Lit, followed by Luke's Star Wars/Lego/Superhero Party
Luke's current favorite song:  It's always these weird Star Wars parodies that Matt shows him and I refuse to acknowledge...

I'd say maybe May will be calmer...but I already know it won't! 

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