Friday, September 2, 2016

Looking Back at August

August was much less busy than our July but seems have gone past much quicker!  We had our first niece (or nephew) get married.  Luke has 41 cousins as of this writing (although another 3 on the way) so we'll be going to niece/nephew (not to each other, obviously) weddings for at least the next 30 years.  Made two trips to the lake (hardly at all compared to our 4 in July!).  Matt had a week off which was mostly spent fixing our crumbling/rotted porch foundation.  We reached a point that week where we were talking about how nice it would be when he went back to work because we'd have more time...which really wasn't the case because then he was trying to cram in all the work in the evenings.  As of this writing we still aren't done and have another big project looming...  But still plenty of fun things happened as we start to wind down our summer.

1) We did a lot of pool time at the end of July and beginning of August.  Luke (and I) loved it!
2) The last survivors of my birthday flowers from Matt in a vase I got from my Grandparents' house.  I loved them against the new back splash.  
3) We finally got our zoo membership and took advantage of their late hours in the summer to after work with Matt a few times.  Besides the heat it was perfect!
4) I always take the stroller to the zoo, mainly to hold my water bottle and other things...Luke rarely sits in it but it turns out if we go without cousins or friends he's much less likely to run all over the place!  A nice break for us!
5) At the above mentioned niece's wedding!  It was a fun night!
6) The week before the public schools started, Luke and I ended all our runs at the school playground right down the street.  He loved getting to play, I loved not having to run uphill the last bit to our house.
7) I had some of my most anticipated reads of the summer all at the same times...a lot of frantic reading to get through things before they were due back at the library!
8) Cheesy, happy boy.
9) Date night to see Jim Gaffigan.  Date nights outside of the house are so rare for us!
10) Park playdate with some cousins.  They coordinated as a stoplight.
11) Back at the playground, he's so proud he can get up on these by himself!
12) Splashing in puddles.  Basically his favorite.
13) 5 raspberries all at the same time!  My biggest haul of the summer (although we picked a few here and there too.)
14) "Fishing" up at the lake.  After we had my sisters and their families up to the lake and he saw Grandpa and an uncle fishing with cousins, Luke really wanted to try himself.  Matt doesn't let him use a real hook (something about seeing someone get hooked a few months ago??) but Luke still loves it.
15) Family jet ski ride, always going to be one of these in the summer monthly recap posts.  I mean, we take one every lake trip.  I could post more.  I am also wearing my PJs here.
16) Luke "helping" Dad get old mortar off bricks so they could be reused.  This project.  Not my favorite.
17) Luke and lemur on our eventually will be refinished porch floors.  We're at 3 weeks of the porch furniture being in our front room which is about 20 days too many for me.
18) But seriously, this light coming through on the unfinished floors...I love it.
19) Luke and I did a lot of evening scooter time while Matt's been working on the house.  A lot.  He's pretty hilarious about it, making up red lights and then sighing over how long they are (imaginary) taking.
20) Luke drummed at the zoo.  And then made sure Lemur had a turn too.  Lemur is practically our 2nd child.  So we did finally get one, just didn't think it'd be the stuffed and furry kind. (Furry being a relative term...Lemur gotten a lot of love.)
21) This was about 30 minutes after he wanted to run like Mom.  I went upstairs and came back to find him reading.  Running and reading.  That's my kid.  (Reading is also a relative term there.)
22) Working hard at his desk.  Notice Lemur.  They are never far apart.
23) Luke and I tubed at the lake!  Matt had taken him our lake trip prior to this and then we had other people up with us and I got a turn with Luke!  Once we adjusted the rope so we weren't getting horribly sprayed in the face...Luke lasted about 30 seconds before he was asking to get back on the jet ski.
24) Luke and I doing a solo bike ride to the downtown library on a surprise morning at home.  It was hot but wonderful!
25) Luke playing in his sandbox.  It's tiny but he still spends a lot of time there!

Books finished: 10 (88 for the year, holding pretty steady on 10 a month)
Things sewn:  6 burb cloths (can't stay away from those for too long, I guess) and a wristlet that I want to perfect and then post a tutorial for.  The strap I made for that involved sewing through 24 layers of fabric at once...needs a little tweaking.

Miles ran: 73.07!  Easily the most I've ever run in any month of my life.  This might be the last month I increase my miles though (48.38 in July) because my knees are hating me and I've finally hit over the 6.2 I'm running at my race next month.  We'll see. 
Currently watching:  A LOT of Olympics earlier in the month.  Wrapping up Ninja Warrior (ahhh...always miss that when it's gone) and Hart of Dixie, slowly.  At this rate it'll take me roughly 2 years to get through.
Most read post this month: What I've Been Reading - August  Followed by July's recap (no idea how).  And then Hobbies & Fringe Hours which I would have thought was more applicable for others...


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