Friday, March 3, 2017

Looking Back at February

I know it's super cliche but every month I feel amazed that we are this much further into a year.  I still forget what year it is often and have to really think to remember how far back 2015 was.

This was a super mild month in a pretty mild winter, somewhat to the disappointment of a little boy who really wants to play in the snow but I think all the outside bike and scooter riding time he got (in FEBRUARY) more than made up for it!  Now that it's March it's time to really start anticipating spring! (Something my bulbs are definitely already doing!).

1) In case you were wondering, we (including Lemur), still play the Squirrel game almost daily.  I think Luke has Lemur play so I will have someone to steal from besides himself.
2) Making Milk Bar compost cookies!  The last thing I made in my old mixer! =(
3) Luke says he's Lemur's Dad so I guess he figured he better read up to make sure he's a good one?
4) This puzzle has the prettiest pieces.
5) Some rare snow in February, Luke shoveled the picnic table.  So helpful.
6) For a decade this mug sat on a shelf next to my diploma.  Now I use it often and it makes me happy.
7) We play the Wii together on Sunday nights and Luke can almost legit beat us in frisbee and bowling.  It's fun that he can play along so well!
8) Lots of happy scootering times on the front side walk!  (Which means extra reading time for me.)
9) Some gorgeous winter sky from the back yard.
10) Porch reading in February.  And without 100 layers!  That is almost unheard of!
11) My Valentines' flowers.  My favorite.
12) Plenty of bike time in this month too which is just crazy.  And warm enough for short sleeves!  And then it snowed less than 24 hours later.  Ahhhhh...Indiana.
13) We rode our bikes downtown for our monthly main library trip.  In February! 
14) The FIRST bottle of nail polish I've ever finished in my life.  Usually I get bored of a color long before I finish the bottle.  This was worth documenting (it was this one).
15) Reading on the front steps while Luke scooters or bikes.  Lovely way to spend a late afternoon.
16) He looks so little sitting way up on the chair!

Blog posts I myself made this month (seriously so handy to have all these posted, such easy reference!):

Books finished: 18 for the month, 33 for the year.   
Things sewn:  Just some reupholstering work I plan to share soon! (edit: here!)
Miles ran:  8.73, if these aren't the first outside miles I've run in February, they are at least the first since my short stint of high school track!  (see: {5} Reasons I Don't Run in the Winter)
Things added to the garage sale pile: 21 things from my closet + another 6 from around the house.

Currently watching: Matt and I started a rewatch of Lost.  So so good.  Also, I'm still working on Hart of Dixie.  And will be forever, apparently (not because it isn't enjoyable!  Just been working through my movie "to watch" pile lately!)
Most read post this month: The linked up ones: 8 Things Saving Me This Winter and February Quick Lit.  Then Senses of the Season (no idea why, two months later?) and The Adoption Question I Wish We Were Asked.
Luke's current favorite song: VeggieTales "Pants".  Which is slightly ironic when you consider how long it took him to like wearing pants.  (And even though Luke is in bed...I just listened to the whole song's catchy...)

Highlights from your month?  Were you shocked by so much nice weather in February?!?!

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