Friday, October 7, 2016

Looking Back at September

I was pulling pictures for this post and realized that Labor Day was less than a month ago even though it feels like much much longer.  We spent 5 days in Boston at the end of the month (more on that eventually), packing for it in almost 90° with the AC on and came home to 60s so anything that happened in the summer feels a long time ago.  We still had 2 lake trips, Luke got cousin #42, had his first cousin sleepover, and the aforementioned trip to Boston...which means we spent 1 of the 4 weekends in September sleeping in our own beds.  Life is busy but life is good...also slowing down.

1) A zoo trip with my sister (since I refuse to go in with the goats.  I do not like them) and Luke named this one "Tickle". 
2) Fabric shopping during a crazy sale at Jo-Ann...not sure if they money we saved was worth the time spent...
3) Sunset on a jet ski ride to kick off Labor Day weekend.
4) Goofy boy.
5) Luke's cousin caught him a tiny turtle while I was running and Matt got called back into work.  It was cute.
6) Squirting his jet ski.  Really his favorite part of the whole thing.
7) There was a 3 written on the ground at the playground and Luke requested a picture.
8) We had a lot of...struggles this month.  Whoever came with up "terrible twos" clearly hadn't had a 3 year old yet...but there were plenty of happy moments too.
9) Woke up to a foggy morning at the lake on our last real trip of the year!
10) Matt and Luke caught a turtle, their first after many attempts this summer!
11) "Cheers" at the sand bar on a Friday post-Labor Day at the lake.  Can't really pass those up.
12) He's gotten so big and it blows my mind a little to think about how big he'll be by the time the jet ski is back in the water!
13) A few quiet moments at home...watching Curious George on the tablet.
14) He wrapped Lemur up like a baby...because, as you know, he considers Lemur his son.
15) Golden hour at the playground.
16) Surfing at the zoo on a quick late afternoon trip with Dad!

Books finished: 12 (100 for the year)
Things sewn:  4 burb cloths and a clutch that a tutorial is coming for soon-ish. 
Things crafted: I painted a jar! 
Miles ran: 80.57!  Most I've run in a month ever in my life.  And definitely not going to increase next month, very much looking forward to running less with my race done!  My knees will thank me.
Currently watching:  Oh boy, fall tv has started so a decent amount.  And still Hart of Dixie, ever so slowly while sewing. 
Most read post this month: What I've Been Reading - September followed by Seasons


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