Friday, November 4, 2016

Looking Back at October

October started with a bang!  Quite literally!  The race I had been preparing for all summer started with a cannon shot at almost exactly sunrise on October 1st.  And things hardly slowed down from there.  We packed a lot into this month, thanks to 5 weekends.  We had my race, my high school class reunion, finishing house projects, a nephew got married, a 1st birthday party, a niece's baptism, a fall hike in the woods, a downtown bike ride, a wedding for Matt's coworker, meeting our newest niece, a birthday party for my aunt, and Halloween.  Listing all that I'm a little amazed we got anything done around here!  It was busy but the weather was pretty wonderful all month and the best kind of fall - beautiful trees and the perfect temps - some 70s-80s but lots of days where fall layers were appropriate but no coat - my favorite kind of fall days.

1) Celebratory beer after running my 10k!  Two years ago Matt pushed me in a wheelchair, less than 2 weeks post surgery #2.  Last year I suffered through the 4 mile race (not much time to train with lingering foot issues) and this year the 10k was almost a piece of cake!
2) A final zoo trip for the year and Luke finally got to feed the giraffes which he LOVED.
3) Matt's birthday and we're now all the 3s until spring!  33 3 33.
4) Turning well over a bushel of apples into strawberry applesauce.
5) Every since I told Luke my sisters and I used to make cereal box "forts" he's been doing it many mornings too. "Just like when you a little girl, Mom!"
6) At Matt's nephew's (and Luke's godfather's) wedding!  Blows my mind a little that Luke has two married cousins (not to each other, just to clarify) already!  How are they that old??  (And a ThredUp dress)
7) Beautiful fall colors.  Perfection.
8) Luke and I did many scooter and bike rides around the neighborhood.  He would ride, I'd take pictures.  It was a perfect way to enjoy fall.  (A lot more fall foliage pictures on my Instagram!)
9) More fall colors on a walk.  I LOVE this time of year.
10) Our fall bike ride downtown.  So glad we got to squeeze in one last one!
11) Doing a fall hike through the woods.  Luke's finally big enough to want to walk the whole thing!
12) Gorgeous trees on our hike!
13) Practicing letters!
14) Going on our annual pumpkin buying trip.  One of these years we're actually going to carve them...
15) At Matt's coworker's wedding on a gorgeous late October day.  Luke loved all the dancing he got to do this month! (And another ThredUp dress)
16) And trick or treating with our Luke Skywalker and a Lemur-Yoda.  Luke was thrilled with his costume! 

Books finished: 12 (112 for the year)
Things sewn:  4 burb cloths and a clutch (whipped that up, from buying fabric to finish, in under 10 hours, which also included decorating for nephew's rehearsal dinner and dealing with bushels of apples!)
Miles ran: 37.49 - In July, August, and September I only missed one of my planned runs each month - running every other Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Then my race happened and my 4 days of running quickly turned into 3 which quickly turned into 2.  And my distance is much shorter...I am not a cold weather runner!
Currently watching:  Still Hart of Dixie but getting through it a little quicker with more sewing lately!  And all our regular shows are back.  And House Hunters sometimes.  We definitely watch more tv when it's not summer.
Most read post this month: What I've Been Reading - October followed by (tied) {5} Random Thoughts and Dirt + Little Boys
Luke's current favorite song: "Play 'Bushy bushy blond hair', Mom!" ("Surfin' USA" by The Beach Boys)


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